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Meet our artisans working in Kibera, Dagoretti, and Rongai

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Our Vision & Misson

Why Kipato Unbranded? "Kipato" is the Kiswahili word for income. This underscores the social justice core of the enterprise. We ensure that our artists are empowered by their work and receive fair wages for their creativity. From its’ beginnings, profits from the artists’ work, whether sold in international or local markets, go directly to the artists, creating a model that is sustainable and fair to them. We are “unbranded” because we are focused on creating jewellery by everyday people, for everyday people.

Who We Are

Kipato Unbranded was founded by 5 young women from different cultures and backgrounds that created a social enterprise that collaborates with local artists, promoting their talents and skills and gives them access to markets. Kipato Unbranded is about beautifully crafted unique designs. Our pieces are made from local materials that include brass, recycled bone, and beads.

Customer Reviews

Donna @khayeli_dee #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Ballroom Rectangle Earrings

Kipato Unbranded's pieces are unique and catchy. Plus why not support local artisans while at it The Ballroom Rectangle Earrings are light and can literally be worn with any outfit. The Pyramid Studs have a retro appeal.
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Customer Reviews

Juliet @julieteneleyian #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Nanga Earrings

I read about the brand, after seeing the brilliant pieces from your collection on Instagram. I also like what you are doing for the community especially because I research a lot about where I shop my clothing and accessories and what contribution they do to the environment and workers. I basically wear the pieces to any occasion because they make me feel outstanding and quintessential.
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Customer Reviews

Hope @hope_lauzi #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Jani Necklace

Your pieces are timeless I love love everything I have from you guys.
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Customer Reviews

MaryAnne @ndukumiss #KipatoTribe

has purchased: V Necklace

Kipato Unbranded for me is all about the finishing. The fine workmanship cannot be compared. More so, is the customer service by the team. I could be addicted to Kipato. These are my 9th or 10th piece.
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Customer Reviews

@sajni_kothari #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Afrykah Ring

To be honest I just love the Africa design.... It's home. The silver band was a bonus The customer service is great! From the order to the delivery and the different sizes they provide.
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Customer Reviews

Ciru @ciirukaruga #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Cosmo 3 Stack Studs

I love Kipato Unbranded because they have unique jewellery pieces and they make a social impact which makes me want to go for them anytime I want something special. My favourite piece so far is the Majani Necklace which made my off-shoulder outfit really pop. For necklaces I also love the Vertex Necklace and Ball Necklace which are long and can go with casual jeans and dresses. As for earrings, my favourite are Dipper 3 Stack Earrings which worked very well with the African outfit I'm wearing and casual looks too.
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Customer Reviews

Geri @cerisamvilian #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Swirl Cuff

I choose Kipato Unbranded because of the really beautiful designs and perfect finishing. Kipato Unbranded means supporting Kenya away from home. I'm a huge jewellery lover and more then anything, I love locally made stuff. My favourite pieces are the Vertex Earrings. Those babies stand out like crazy. They make any outfit look amazing. I wore Kipato Unbranded at my huge 40th birthday bash and to an amazing photoshoot I had with my friends. We have been friends for over 20 years and we were celebrating that. Thank you for making me look good Kipato Unbranded.
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Customer Reviews

Nyambura @nyamburamurakaru #KipatoTribe

has purchased: Ball Ring

I've bought earrings as gifts for my friends and they never take them off so I figured why not gift myself. Kipato Unbranded feels African My favourites are my rings... I think I'll wear one each day and alternate them.
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