Kipato Unbranded - Diamond Necklace Quick View

Diamond Necklace

The perfect accessory for any occasion. Our Diamond outline necklace is a timeless way to accessorize any look and make you feel like a...
Kipato Unbranded - Cross Necklace Quick View

Cross Necklace

The perfect accessory for any occasion. Our cross pendant necklace is the perfect gift for your loved ones with its sleek and modern look....
Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Necklace (brass) Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Necklace (brass) Quick View

Tembo Necklace (brass)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication One of our most elegant and understated pieces, the Tembo Necklace is perfect for everyday wear. Whether it's a gift...
Kipato Unbranded - V Drop Lariat Necklace Kipato Unbranded - V Drop Lariat Necklace Quick View

V Drop Lariat Necklace

The perfect accessory for any occasion. Our V Drop Lariat Necklace is a modern-day jewelry piece. It can be worn every day and is...
Kipato Unbranded - Moon Necklace Quick View

Moon Necklace

Wear the moon and shine! The moon is the most romantic and ethereal object hanging in the sky. This simple pendant hangs from a delicate...
Kipato Unbranded - Cave Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Cave Necklace Quick View

Cave Necklace

This Cave necklace is a brass, handmade, fashionable, and durable accessory for women. This long necklace is designed with a chic and stylish touch. Add...
Kipato Unbranded - Brass Letter Choker Kipato Unbranded - Brass Letter Choker Quick View

Brass Letter Choker

This brass letter choker is the perfect accessory for any outfit. This fashionable, durable spiral hoop choker is made from a solid piece of...

Zohali Choker (white & black)

The Must-Have Accessory for You This classy choker necklace is an exquisite example of a true fine jewel, perfect for confident and classy women. Upgrade...
Kipato Unbranded - Vertex Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Vertex Necklace Quick View

Vertex Necklace

Upgrade Your Look and Make a Statement Express your individuality with our Vertex Necklace, guaranteed to make a lasting impression on both you and...
Kipato Unbranded - Jani Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Jani Necklace Quick View

Jani Necklace

Your outdoorsy necklace Add an elegant final touch to your outfit with our decorative Jani statement necklace is a perfect way to turn a...
Kipato Unbranded - Fan Necklace Quick View

Fan Necklace

The Perfect Jewelry Accessory for Her The Fan Necklace has a unique open fan design that is fun to wear and offers versatility. This...

Triple Bar Necklace (brass, white, black)

Beautiful, Simple Jewelry that Makes a Statement Our Triple Bar Necklace is great for the sophisticated jewelry lover. It's unique, making you stand out...
Kipato Unbranded - Infinity Necklace Quick View

Infinity Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear The Infinity Necklace is a delicate brass chain necklace, designed to lay perfectly on the neckline and accent any...
Kipato Unbranded - DoubleBerry Necklace Kipato Unbranded - DoubleBerry Necklace Quick View

Double Berry Necklace

The perfect accessory for any occasion. This elegant circle pendant partnered with a simple gold chain is the perfect combination for a day-to-night, year-round...
Kipato Unbranded - Halo Choker Kipato Unbranded - Halo Choker Quick View

Halo Choker

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear The Halo choker necklace adds a little luxury to your day-to-day routine. Its gold chain is the perfect way...

Teardrop Necklace

Make your fashion statement! Looking to add a touch of glamour? The Teardrop Pendant necklace is everyday wear and is the perfect addition to...
from KSh2,500.00
Kipato Unbranded - Masai Tassle Necklace(brass) Quick View

Masai Tassle Necklace

Fashion Jewelry from Kenyan artisans The Masai Tassel necklace is an understated design, crafted with traditional brass, and gold-plated tassels for a casual yet...
Kipato Unbranded - Horseshoe Necklace Quick View

Horseshoe Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear This antique brass necklace with a horseshoe pendant is a must-have addition to your jewelry collection. Our Horseshoe Necklace is...

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