Kipato Unbranded - Bar Ring Kipato Unbranded - Bar Ring Quick View

Bar Ring

Trendy Fashion Ring This trendy and fashionable hand-made ring is made from high-quality brass in Kenya. Our rings are durable and are a great...

Twig Ring (white, black, pink, natural)

Beautiful, Simple Jewelry that Makes a Statement For a fashion-forward look, mix and match this ring with our matching earrings and necklace. This necklace...
Kipato Unbranded - Coco Ring Quick View

Coco Ring

Coco Ring is a line of brass bangles, handmade by Kenyan artisans. These fashion bangles are square and stylish, with an elegant and unique...
Kipato Unbranded - Superwoman Ring Kipato Unbranded - Superwoman Ring Quick View

Superwoman Ring

Bring out the lion in you! The Superwoman ring was designed with everyday wear in mind. This is a quality jewelry piece that you...
Kipato Unbranded - Truffle Ring Kipato Unbranded - Truffle Ring Quick View

Truffle Ring

Dare to Stand Out with Style The Truffle ring is a statement piece and is best worn with a statement piece of clothing. The...
Kipato Unbranded - Diamond Ring Quick View

Diamond Ring

The perfect accessory for any occasion. Feel like a queen in this intricately crafted jewelry ring. This delicate diamond shape gold ring is a...
Kipato Unbranded - Bowtie Ring Kipato Unbranded - Bowtie Ring Quick View

Bowtie Ring

This brass ring is perfect for stylish woman who is looking for a subtle way to show their love of the bowtie. With a...
Kipato Unbranded - Pyramid Ring Kipato Unbranded - Pyramid Ring Quick View

Pyramid Ring

Make your fashion statement! Make a statement with this eye-catching ring. This ring makes a statement with its unique outward-facing diamond-cut pattern that lends light...
Kipato Unbranded - 3 Dot Ring Quick View

3 Dot Ring

Express yourself with our 3 Dots Ring, Or maybe just let it bring out the best in you. Nothing is more fashionable than the...

Boomerang Ring

The Boomerang Ring is the perfect piece of jewelry for a woman who wants to add a little flair to her outfit. This brass...
from KSh1,300.00
Kipato Unbranded - Cube Ring Quick View

Cube Ring

The perfect accessory for any occasion. A perfectly square ring fit for the modern woman. Designed to accent any outfit, but stands out all...
Kipato Unbranded - V Ring Kipato Unbranded - V Ring Quick View

V Ring

Simple Elegance for Everyday Wear Our V-Ring is designed to fit a woman's finger perfectly while offering a classic look. The style is just...
Kipato Unbranded - Afrykah Ring (silver) Kipato Unbranded - Afrykah Ring (silver) Quick View

Afrykah Ring (silver)

These rings are made with the intention of bringing awareness to the African continent. They are hand-made in Kenya, and each ring tells an...

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Our jewellery has an IP coating, which is a protective clear coating on it to prevent it from tarnishing and makes the jewellery generally hypoallergenic. Brass is 100% nickel free and is a precious metal.
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