Kipato Unbranded - Wrap Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Wrap Bracelet Quick View

Wrap Bracelet

Simple, Classy, and Elegant  Add a touch of luxury to your day-to-day look with the Wrap bracelet. Pair this bracelet with jeans and a...
Kipato Unbranded - Cleo Cuff Kipato Unbranded - Cleo Cuff Quick View

Cleo Cuff

Cleo Cuff is a stylish and unique handmade cuff created by artisans in Kenya.  Cleo Cuffs are durable and long-lasting, made from brass and...
Kipato Unbranded - Upepo Bracelet Quick View

Upepo Bracelet

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Our Upepo bracelet is simple and stylish. Wear it on its own, or stack it with other bracelets. Whether it's...
Kipato Unbranded - Charm Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Charm Bracelet Quick View

Charm Bracelet

This is a women's bracelet with three pendants. The Africa pendant, Tembo pendant, and bone pendant are all handmade to compliment your style and...
Kipato Unbranded - Plated Cuff Quick View

Plated Cuff

Stand out everywhere you go From the second you put on this delicate Cuff Bracelet, you understand how much effort and diligence went into...
Kipato Unbranded - Rectangle DoubleBall Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Rectangle DoubleBall Bracelet Quick View

Rectangle DoubleBall Bracelet

Bring out the best of you Even when you're dressed casually, you can still feel like a star with this double ball bracelet. This...

Afrykah Bracelet

A touch of Kenyan fashion on your wrist. A modern and colorful bracelet, perfect for a global girl. This stylish piece is handmade jewelry...
from KSh1,700.00
Kipato Unbranded - Triple Link Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Triple Link Bracelet Quick View

Triple Link Bracelet

Dare to Stand Out with Style Designed in a very special way, this is a collection of edgy and chic bracelets that can be...
Kipato Unbranded - Coco Bangle Kipato Unbranded - Coco Bangle Quick View

Coco Bangle

Stay stylish with our Coco Bangle. This brass bangle is square and stylish, and the unique design will make it your go-to accessory. Handmade...
Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Bracelet Quick View

Tembo Bracelet

Bring out the best of you Tembo Bracelet is a piece of art, beautiful jewelry handmade by artisans from all over the world. A...
Kipato Unbranded - Arm Cuff Kipato Unbranded - Arm Cuff Quick View

Arm Cuff

This hand-made cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory for a day or night in town. Made from 100% recycled brass, this fashion jewelry is...
Kipato Unbranded - Afrykah Bracelet - kiddie Quick View

Afrykah Bracelet - Kiddie

Give your kids a touch of Kenyan fashion on their wrist. This modern and colorful bracelet will make any kid glow with beauty. This...
Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Kiddie Bracelet Quick View

Tembo Kiddie Bracelet

Bring out the best of you Tembo Bracelet is a piece of art, beautiful jewelry handmade by artisans from all over the world. A...
Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Leather Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Tembo Leather Bracelet Quick View

Tembo Leather Bracelet

Quality & Stylish Jewelry Handmade for You Simple, understated, and elegant - that's the Tembo Leather Bracelet. It's just like you - versatile enough...
Kipato Unbranded - Afrykah Leather Bracelet Quick View

Afrykah Leather Bracelet

The Afrykah Leather Bracelet is a fashion jewelry staple that's hand-made in Kenya. We designed it to be a unisex accessory, so it can...
Kipato Unbranded - Warrior Bone Bracelet (leather) Quick View

Warrior Bone Bracelet (leather)

Beautiful, Simple Jewelry that Makes a Statement A woman's best accessory should be comfortable and unique. Our new Warrior Bone Bracelet is ideal for...
Kipato Unbranded - Hamar Bracelet Kipato Unbranded - Hamar Bracelet Quick View

Hamar Bracelet

The perfect accessory for any occasion. Make a statement in this gold-plated bracelet cuff. This deceptively delicate-looking piece has a sculptural feel that offers...
Kipato Unbranded - Caramel Cuff Kipato Unbranded - Caramel Cuff Quick View

Caramel Cuff

Our Caramel Cuff is made of a sturdy brass and features a fashionable, handmade look. The cuff is durable and will last you for...

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