Bullet Necklace

We're not saying you should wear this Bullet Necklace to a fashion showdown, but it is perfect for dressing up your everyday look. Durable...
from KSh2,500.00
Kipato Unbranded - Brass Loop Necklace Quick View

Brass Loop Necklace

For the fashionable woman who appreciates style and durability, this long, brass necklace is a must-have. The hammered surface has a textured look that...
Kipato Unbranded - Varen Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Varen Necklace Quick View

Varen Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear This stunning statement necklace is the perfect piece to add a cool, minimalist detail to your outfit. The perfect...
Kipato Unbranded - Hewa Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Hewa Necklace Quick View

Hewa Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear Our Hewa fashion necklace is a modern, three-piece necklace designed in Nairobi by local Kenyan artisans. It is an...
Kipato Unbranded - Tricolad Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Tricolad Necklace Quick View

Tricolad Necklace

Statement Necklace for Every Occasion Tricolad's necklace for women is perfect for any occasion to create a bold statement. Its handcrafted design, create a...
Kipato Unbranded - V Necklace Kipato Unbranded - V Necklace Quick View

V Necklace

Make your fashion statement! Our V Necklace for women is a beautiful and elegant piece of jewelry to add to your everyday look. Whether it's...

O Necklace (natural, pink)

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear Are you looking for a simple and chic necklace to wear daily? The O Necklace - is simple and...
Kipato Unbranded - Single Link Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Single Link Necklace Quick View

Single Link Necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication Simple and beautiful necklace, high-quality stainless steel single link chain, a full sense of quality and luxury. Whether it...
Kipato Unbranded - Majani Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Majani Necklace Quick View

Majani Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear With this Majani Necklace, you will feel the luxury. Wrap it around your neck to help you stand out...

Pembe Necklace

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication The Pembe jewelry collection is a delight for your eyes. These high-quality fashion necklaces are created from the finest...
Kipato Unbranded - Plated Collar Necklace Quick View

Plated Collar Necklace

Upgrade Your Look and Make a Statement The gold plated collar necklace is designed as the next trendy jewelry which is simple and elegant...
Kipato Unbranded - Palette Necklace Quick View

Palette Necklace

Statement Necklace for Everyday Wear Light and pretty, this necklace goes perfectly with any style and color of clothing. It is simple and stylish...
Kipato Unbranded - Warrior Bone Necklace Quick View

Warrior Bone Necklace

Kipato Unbranded - Kush Necklace Kipato Unbranded - Kush Necklace Quick View

Kush Necklace

Triangles of beauty Express your unique sense of style with the Kush necklace, created in Kenya by artisans. Adorn your neck with the gift...

Ballroom Necklace

This 4-color ballroom necklace is a simple and stylish statement piece. The necklace is made in Kenya with care by our Kenyan artisans. It's...

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Our jewellery has an IP coating, which is a protective clear coating on it to prevent it from tarnishing and makes the jewellery generally hypoallergenic. Brass is 100% nickel free and is a precious metal.
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